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The Unforeseen Power of a Single Tweet


My passion to teach people to use Twitter, to reach across the Twitterverse, to attract an audience, to build their brand and create a community, and to communicate how to effectively engage, all took a massive shift recently when I received an email from a Twitter follower. She voiced that one tweet I shared was the turning point in her deciding not to end her life.

Power of a TweetOne 100-character #JustForToday #Affirmation arrived in her stream at the time she most needed to hear a positive message about her experiences. It prepared her to help others deal with the same condition that burdened her so much. One tweet randomly posted amongst perhaps billions of tweets daily made an impact on her life, and all the lives she will touch going forward, as she dedicated her life to helping others.

This was an awakening that Twitter can be so much more than a social or selling platform – even more so, an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world, to serve those who may never invest in our products or services. Shifting the focus to – How can I serve even more people in sharing my message, and empower them to find their voice is our higher purpose. In doing so, we’ll probably sell more than what we did with the previous mindset.

The day I received this message was an incredible day that grew into weeks of renewed passion to serve even more. We’ll never know who will see our messages, never know the impact it will have, never know the shifts one tweet can make in one life and the countless others they will touch.

Share your message with the Twitterverse, and tweet as though everyone is watching and waiting for the inspiration that will come from you – they are watching. Have faith that your messages from your heart are meant for others to hear and read. Tweet boldly my friends.