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Random Twitter Friends For The Win

A while back I shared some of the stories Twitizens shared with me on
how Twitter had impacted their life in a positive way. Take a look at the blog: 
The Unforeseen Power of a Single Tweet.

This week another great story arrived by email from Sekaye Knutsen @SekayeKnutson 

Hey Gary,

Just some context as to who the storyteller is: I’m a 20yr-old business student who’s working on getting a smart-home startup going! (after
a very unsuccessful first attempt at a fashion tech startup).

A couple months ago, when I decided to take on this new business,
I went on a little Twitter following spree looking for influential people in the business/marketing space (actually when I followed you!).
One of the accounts I stumbled across was Leonard Kim! Up until last week, I had been pretty passively following his content, giving things the occasional like or RT. One morning I got up and noticed that he
had tweeted about a BBQ he was having in a few days and invited
his Twitter followers to come! I thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous— nobody invites hundreds of thousands of random people
to their house for a BBQ… Right? Nevertheless, I DM’d his wife on
my way to work asking if I could come… Within a few minutes we were texting about what food I was going to bring! I live in San Diego, about a 2.5 hour drive from their BBQ in LA, so I had to ask myself:
do I really want to try to take work off to drive to LA to meet a bunch
of random people much older and more experienced than me?

Obviously it was a simple decision, so I pulled some strings to get a last minute cover at work, whipped up some food, and headed up to LA on
a Saturday morning. Hours later I was chowing down with Leonard,
his wife, and his friends as though I was a long lost friend! Thanks to Leonard’s spontaneous tweet that I responded to, not only did I make
a wonderful friend, I now have the opportunity to attend a ~very exclusive~ marketing conference in the summer (as a guest to one of Leonard’s friends). AND this same friend also offered his assistance in bringing my startup to fruition! Random Twitter friends for the win!  

Here is a link to Sekaye’s tweet as social proof.  


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