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How Relationships Affect Your Business Online and Offline

Join hosts of Social Media Hangout Time, Janet E. Johnson & Lisa Saline,
in an interview with Gary.

Covered in Today’s Interview:

  • Relationships affect our entire world – work on ourselves first.
  • People are going to do business with people we ‘know, like and trust’.
  • What differentiates me from everybody else? Consumers are looking for a connection.
  • How Gary got started on Twitter.
  • Talk to people vs broadcasting on Twitter and social media.
  • Let others you’d like to connect with, know you exist – get to know each other.
  • Don’t ask for marriage on the first date.
  • It’s not B to B or B to C … it’s P to P… People to People – It’s about building connections.
  • How can I serve you? How can I help you first?
  • Blend the leverage of technology – schedule/automate some things.
  • Create lists on Twitter to follow conversations that you want to add to the conversation.
  • Write posts that answer other people’s questions and solve their problems.

Listen here: