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Say Yes to Building Better Love Relationships

Let’s Coach with Mark and CarolynMark Thorn and Carolyn Owens, hosts of Let’s Coach with Mark and Carolyn, interview Gary on Romance and Relationships.

Through Gary’s experiences, he realized the impact and importance of connection, and understood what was needed to build and create meaningful relationships. He applied those experiences with his extensive studies as a vehicle to live a purposeful life, to help others.

Some Things Covered:

  • Same rules apply for business and personal relationships.
    • Stay non- reactive, ask questions, be sensitive, use reflective listening tools.
  • Look for the seed of good in every situation.
  • At times, you have to let go of a relationship.
  • Learn to draw boundaries.
  • Expand your comfort zone.
  • Acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Life is just getting started after fifty!
  • We’re not going to be loved by everyone.
  • The 5 Love Languages.
  • A complaint is a gift!
  • Platinum rule.
  • Growth only happens in chaos!

Listen here.