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Searching for a Graphic Artist?

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I learned a long time ago that to build your success first you must look at the overall picture, have the vision to see what is needed.  If you want to lead with success, marketing is a critical component.  Then it is all about finding the right person that can take you where you need to go. This world is filled with many ‘so-called’ experts, but it is takes more than having the skillset.  It takes Relationship Building, strong customer service abilities. Someone you hire must have the ability to pay attention to your needs and criteria, and must have an aptitude to be flexible and put your needs first, and by all means, ‘Go the Extra Mile’.

I know one special person who fits the bill, my partner and wife, Caryl Loper. 
She is extraordinary in my book.  Besides being a talented graphic artist, she has exceptional customer service qualities, always placing the other person first, meeting deadlines and delivering exactly what is needed and requested.  Throughout the years I have watched her create magic with incredible marketing pieces, from aesthetically beautiful designs to exemplifying what is an ideal marketing piece.

Her clients have been with the university medical school, faculty and staff, as well as working for corporations, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. In recent years, she had to leave the workforce due to a neuromuscular disease, but continues to freelance in graphic design. Her focus has been on others rather than her challenges. She looks for opportunities to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and coaches with their success.

I am now reaching out to all my connections.  If you happen to know someone who may need Caryl’s services, please have them contact her at caryl@garyloper.com

What’s more, take an opportunity to view her portfolio:

Also, be sure to check out:

As you know, I am all about ‘Building Better Relationships’, so if you need an exceptional graphic artist, why not choose someone who has the same philosophy?


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