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Social Media

Gary’s experience has built 250,000+ followers by providing value, transparency and showing gratitude. It is about building your market, building that know, like, and trust feeling, building that community network, so that when you do have your products and services, you have people that are invested in you. This is truly relationship marketing and not a quick fix, they get stuff and then they are gone. So, if you are going to design it, you need to build it up for the long run, to have a long term clientele. It is important to develop strategies of what you are trying to achieve.

The Social Media areas that Gary will train you in are: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the biggest three. Gary creates Friend’s Feed to other different sites.
He will help you connect to the right people to maximize your reach. Gary will not necessarily start with the initial steps for you to open a Twitter account, but rather how to build it.

Gary has programs that will train you and your company to build your listings, to use the tools and applications to build an audience that is looking for your “stuff”. Keep in mind; this is not simply a selling platform. It is a brand new industry. Gary will help you to use it, de-mystify it, make it work, and to fit your personality and your purpose. You will learn precautions, steps to do to safeguard your accounts.

Social Media has been evolving for two years, the stream flowing fast; but you can take it as slow as you want, you can choose who is going to follow you and who is not. You will learn to take baby steps.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says “The social networking site now has 600 million users. If Facebook were a country,
it would be the world’s fifth-largest, after China, India, the U.S., and Indonesia.”

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What People Are Saying About Gary’s Trainings …

Twitterbird winking
Karin Pitman:
Last time Gary taught, I was at one follower, and now I have 212!

Paula Holland: I followed Gary’s tips and went from 6 followers to over 100 in 6 weeks!

Ernest Furtado: from Gary’s call last week I have gone from 89 follower to 606…

Retha R. Hope: I got a new attitude about twitting……
thank you Gary

Jeanne Carson: I created a Twitter account weeks ago, haven’t tweeted a single thing yet! Tonight Gary has inspired me!

mysterywizard: @GaryLoper I was pretty skeptical about the usefulness of twitter, but Gary opened
my eyes to new possibilities.#joenicassio

CarolROwens: @GaryLoper Have not listened to the Q&A recording yet, had to sit in a different Twitter course which confirmed, your program is the best!