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Please feel free to read my best blogs on Twitter.  I hope you find these blogs beneficial & informative. Happy Tweeting!

Can The Twitterverse Tell What Kind Of Mood You’re In?

Absolutely! The key is to embrace your authentic attractive personality. One of my most frequently retweeted Twitter tips is SMILE when you Tweet. Tweople can tell. If you are not already on Twitter, you would be amazed on how moods are amplified through the words we tweet, and the photo we include in our profile. In 140 characters or less the Twitterverse will know your mood.

How Can You Organically Attract Followers On Twitter?

Establish your expert status. You will become the ‘Go To’ person for your community. Use link shorteners, great headlines that grab attention and foremost high quality information. Stay within your area of knowledge and purpose. Introduce yourself to influencers. Engage in conversations, use #hashtags, searches and chats. Engagement is most important. And, learn my Do’s and Don’ts.

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Politics To Yourself On Social Media

As Thomas Jefferson stated, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” So, what are my 3 reasons why you should keep your politics to yourself on social media?

2 Essential Questions Your Twitter Profile Must Answer

You would never think to go to a networking event without business cards. Would you?  Then it makes absolute sense to take advantage of your profile, and tell your audience what you are all about.  Your social media profile and header answer a number of questions.

4 Fundamental Twitter Keys

Learn my four fundamental keys: (1) What is the value in lists?  (2) What is another good use of lists?  (3) What is the 10% rule?  (4) How many people are not following me?

How to Find Your Best Followers

I love to help new clients discover how to create connections and conversations on Twitter. There are enormous possibilities. Most ‘newbie’s’ on Twitter get overwhelmed with all the conversation or broadcasting that fills up in their Twitter stream. The first step is having fun with the engagement.

What to Tweet, Part 2

So, What Should You Tweet? These Are My Suggestions: Share interesting, touching stories and news items, ask questions and provide answers to other people’s questions, compliment people, recommend people for others to follow, share links to media, RT – ReTweet generously, share quotes and the word of the day.

Learn How To Craft Tweets

Twitter is a powerful platform. Learn how to craft tweets that will grab tweople’s attention, and increase the probability of a click!

What to Tweet, Part 1

First, have a clear mission of why you are on Twitter, and stay true to your mission. Become a resource of valuable information that will either educate or entertain your Followers.

Power of #Hashtags

When used strategically, creating your own hashtag can help you create a community of people sharing an interest in what is important to you, all of which leads directly into establishing the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ Relationship that will separate you from the hordes of tweeters.

How To Create a Mini-Community on Twitter

Being active in a Twitter Chat is a great way to build rapport, as well as build your presence, audience and community. Importantly, become an engaging conversationalist and meet new people. You can create new relationships, make valuable connections and form joint ventures. It is great way to build comradery and good fellowship.

Allow Your Prospects & Customers to Tell Their Story

Stories can be invisible influencers in creating cash conversations. Creating an emotional connection with a success story that a prospect or potential customer can relate to and can imagine doing, ultimately will help them get the same results. However, I believe that inviting the prospect to tell their own story rather than automatically going into your own story can be the most impactful conversation starter, an even faster path to cash. Receive a bonus tip that you can apply on Twitter.

A Small Glimpse of How Twitter Impacts People, Part 2

Never underestimate the Power of a Tweet, or even in real life, the Power of a Single Word or Statement. Messages can show up at the right time, and make a change in someone’s day, in someone’s life!

Utilizing Twitter, I firmly believe is the most effective delivery system available to make this type of impact. With very few rules and limitations imposed upon us by Twitter, we can create connections with people on the other side of the world or across the street.

A Small Glimpse of How Twitter Impacts People, Part 1

Over the years, some of my messages have impacted the mindsets, relationships, business plans, but those are the easy ones – the surface strategy of my Twitter presence. It is in these examples that a deeper passion has awakened me to assist others. Here is a small glimpse of how I have impacted others with positive and uplifting messages.

Who, What and Why: The 3-Step Approach to Embracing Twitter

What does that say? Who will be changed by our messages? Why should you share your messages? The remarkable thing you will experience is that by embracing this approach (combined with a sound marketing plan) to contributing to the greater good of others in the world – first, you will attract the attention of new business opportunities, partners, and customers. We don’t know who knows who, and who is watching for incredible new projects and people to work with.

Are You Unique on Social Media?

Social media, especially Twitter, are great venues to connect with people locally, nationally and globally. If you go back and look at some of the interviews with the Twitter founders, they founded Twitter to be a ‘Virtual Town Square’. So, it is anything for anybody. People can come in, and they can sell their jellies, their sweaters, their rugs, they can sing a song, or talk about politics. Whatever it is, there are a lot of different things that work for a lot of different people. But, what we should talk about is differentiation. Are you unique on Twitter? What is it about you that drives you, motivates you, and helps the conversation?

#GoWithTheFlow, #GLTP Chat – Monday, 8/3, 1 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #GoWithTheFlow:  Lao Tzu’s philosophy is to simply notice the natural order of things. Work with it rather than against it. For to try to change what is, only sets up resistance.  Simply notice involves simply noticing. When you watch a movie you allow yourself to be entertained – you don’t work on enjoying the movie. The Zen theory of Change states, I free myself not by trying to be free, but by simply noticing how I am imprisoning myself in the very moment I am imprisoning myself. Today our conversation will revolve about topics that include how you “Go with the Flow”.

Are You Attentive to the Needs of Your Twitter Followers?

The massive question is “How can I differentiate myself on Twitter from all those other people doing the same type of business I am doing? The Golden Rule of Business Networking is “People will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

Global Impact of Twitter

Twitter has no limits of who can see your tweets. Anyone worldwide can search any subject or phrase, and can find your tweets. Twitter messages are also found through internet searches, the only other social networking sites that individual messages are found in this way is You Tube.

I Invite You For A FREE Twitter Review

During your 30-minute Twitter Review we will examine your purpose and mission, and your biggest challenges, and offer suggestions on your profile, photo, header/background, and more. All in an effort to help you become a more effective Tweeter, and turn on the attraction magnets, so that followers may become prospects and eventually customers.

Just For Today

When I started on Twitter I did not have a plan of what I was going to achieve or promote.  I started to share motivational messages, primarily because I received so much value and help from reading them countless times. Each time I came across a motivational message, there was always a new slant on the quote, because I had changed from the previous time

Twitter Strategies

What to tweet – determine your mission on why you are on Twitter, stay on course. Gary offers suggestions on some of his best Twitter strategies. These are suggestions. Pick out the ones that are in alignment with your overall Twitter mission. If you are not sure of your mission, try out a couple at a time and test them. Look to see which gets you the most favorable responses from your audience.

#PositiveMindset, #GLTP Chat – Monday, July 6th, 1 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #PositiveMindset: I have learned to take all situations and turn them into something positive. Paraphrasing Napoleon Hill – “There is a seed of good within every bad thing that happens to you”. I am always looking for the seed. Today we will be discussing such topics as how we can embrace all of our emotions and still maintain a positive mindset, how the past can be healed with a positive attitude, how we handle ourselves when life is challenging, and more.

Announcing a new Twitter Service ~ Tweet For You: Special pricing for limited time

One of my coaches drummed into my head “You have to be seen to sell.” With the ever growing use of social networking sites and the mind blowing projections that internet marketing will increase up 500% by the year 2020…. Creating your social media presence is essential for your future customers to find you and build a relationship with you, and have faith that you can help solve their problems.

Twitter Takeaway Tips

~ Use Twitter to connect with people, and make them part of your community.  You will be amazed at the connections you can make with people when you add to tweets and discussions, when you are generous with comments and RT’s. Create a presence, carve out a niche, connect with an audience that can be your customers or referring ambassadors, and make them a part of your community. Be sure to read the rest of Gary’s Best Twitter Tips.

Why Twitter? Find Out Why.

Generally speaking, on the whole people do not understand what Twitter is or why they should use it, and Twitter’s tremendous advantages over other social media platforms. Their first perception is that Twitter simply is a platform for people to share information about their lunch, or that it is something that the television stations are doing to broadcast news.

Building Business and A Serendipitous Life

One of the common entrepreneurial roadblocks people frequently bump into is thinking that nobody else has the same aptitude and they wind up thinking, “Okay, well, I have to do everything myself. I know what I want to do with my business.” So, they are looking at micromanaging instead of focusing on what they do best and hire the rest.

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 6: Last in the Series

There Is So Much Value in Lists:  One of the ways to make a connection with a person of influence is to get that introduction. I begin to watch that person’s stream. I let that person know that I am watching them, seeing their tweets. Then I put that person on a list, and I start re-tweeting them periodically. And, let them know subtly that ‘Gary re-tweeted me again, he re-tweeted me again, re-tweeted me again’.   What Is Another Good Use Of Lists?

Still Struggling to Learn Twitter

This FREE Webinar Recording Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions . . . Twitter is the most effective and best Social Media platform over all the other networking platforms to expand your business online. Twitter will increase your presence, build your brand, attract new followers, expand your market, and create a community of raving fans, referring ambassadors and loyal customers.

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 5

Since 2006 Twitter has grown exponentially. When I first started on Twitter in 2008, some of the numbers I saw on marketing estimates were projected by 2020. By that time, internet marketing will increase to about 500%. So, if you are not on Twitter now, creating a presence, carving out a niche, connecting with an audience that can be your customers or referring ambassadors when the rest of the world gets on, where are you going to be?

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 4

What is a Twitter Party? A Twitter Party is an incredible way to build rapport, build your presence, audience, and community. Importantly, become an engaging conversationalist, engage and meet new people.  You can create new relationships, make valuable connections, and form joint ventures. Personally I host a 2-hour Twitter Party designed around themes. The next one coming up is on May 4th. We will be talking about Life Skills. Our parties are always scheduled on the 1st Monday of the month, from 1 – 3 pm ET. During the Twitter Party we post specific questions related to the topic.

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 3

One of the most frequently asked questions on Twitter is how much should I be Tweeting every day? A person should be active on Twitter 2 times a day for about 20 minutes. I suggest that a new Tweeter with a purpose of building their community and business post 20 messages a day.  It is really much simpler than you think.

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 2

When people start seeing account disparities, people start viewing it as the person has too much of an ego. A perfect example would be someone who has 22,000 followers and 21 people that they are following. They see it as the person is not interested in having a conversation with anybody. Likewise, if you have only 21 followers then you will only see those posts. How can you change that?

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 1

One of the services I provide for my clients is managing their accounts to help them attract followers and create a bigger audience. There are a number of things that people need to do well for their business. To learn something new is like reinventing the wheel, so to work with someone who has mastered Twitter is only smart business. Focus on your strengths and delegate to the experts.

Check Out Tsū, A New Social Media Platform

As a Twitter expert, I primarily encourage others to become actively involved in Twitter’s online social networking service. My primary reason is that Twitter can be so much more than a social or selling platform. It is an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world, and to serve those who may never invest in our products or services. Shift the focus to – how can you serve people and empower them. At a future date, if people do business with you, it will be based on this rule: “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” So, the first rule is to build rapport and trust.

Stress Awareness #GLTP Chat – April 6th, Monday, 1 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, Stress Awareness: Everyone talks about time pressure and stress, and their impact at home, at work, and on health. But there is much more of a focus on the problem than the solution. Today we will develop an awareness of how to cope with stress and manage it, as well as tapping into our emotions so they can be expressed more easily. Give your stress wings and let it fly away ~ Terri Guillemets

Being an Entrepreneur, Twitter and Inspiration

I moved out of the world of factory work realizing that getting hurt was only going to shorten my life. What’s more, not working with the best foreman who had little people skills forced me out of working for a big organization and manual labor. Getting out of that world led me to becoming an entrepreneur. In addition, at that time my uncle who was in his 50’s worked for a huge refrigeration company. The owner of the company ran for the governor’s race, lost and came back after his recovery time, and told my uncle that he didn’t need him anymore. I observed this from a distance, and learned from his experience. I saw his challenge, and decided to broaden my skills.

Relationship Keys for Branding, Networking and Leadership on Twitter

Twitter is all about relationship building. It’s about building your market, creating that know, like, and trust feeling and developing a community network, so that when you do have your products and services, you have people that are invested in you. This is truly relationship marketing and not a quick fix … they purchase ‘stuff’ and then they are gone.

Twitter is a Virtual Town Square

The major advantage of Twitter is that it is wide open. People will see your posts, and the whole world can discover you. You can find almost anyone on Twitter. It is the only platform that I know that is searchable. You can do an internet search, and if you use target key words, those tweets will start showing up in internet searches. You can follow anybody, anyone in the world. I have had conversations with Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Richard Bach, and T. Harv Eker. They all have responded to me in some manner.

Celebrating International Listening Awareness Month, #GLTP Chat

Today’s Topic, Listening: Listening is a vital tool. It is the key to Building Better Relationships. Listening is a learned skill, a tool that can be taught and acquired with desire, repetition, and reinforcement.  It is the most effective manner to hearing what is truly being said.

Predictions and Promises in the New Era of Love

Although the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 with predictions of the end of world, I always had a different interpretation, a different approach.  I forecasted a new age. Today I still believe this holds true. We are finding ourselves in a new era, an era with a new vibration – a higher frequency of LOVE.

Poop and Inspiration… What…? How Can Poop Relate to Inspiration

Poop and Inspiration – Seriously… What does one have to do with the other? Now that’s a good question! I’m actually glad you asked! So, I just received a comment on one of my blog posts that you can see here and the comment was so inspiring, that I just felt compelled to share it!

Time Management on #GLTP Chat – February 2nd, Monday, 1 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, Time Management: Everyday people make personal resolutions to become efficient in Time Management. Why is this important aspect of business and life building not achieved? Today we will examine some questions that may help you move forward to create better choices. The better time choices you make, the more successful you’ll become. Develop the right time management mindset!

Overcoming Challenges on #GLTP Chat – January 5th, Monday, 1 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, Overcoming Challenges: What challenges have you experienced in life? Have you developed a positive mindset that has helped you overcome your challenges? Changing your mindset about adversity will help you overcome your challenges, and build character. We all have the power to choose how to respond to our experiences.

Automation in Today’s Times

Blend the leverage of technology. How can that be done in today’s times? The answer is Automation. Here is how it came about….

Build a Prospecting List

…. So, when you start out, start out doing something small. Share each other’s links on Twitter. Create a highlight in your email on someone’s program.

How Relationships Affect Your Business

…. This theory applies to Social Media, as well. Social Media has really leveled the playing field. Everybody has an opportunity to play with the ‘big’ guys and the ‘little’ guys.

Speak Your Truth – Share Your Unique Story

…. For me, I see it with my tweets every day. People’s worlds are changing with one tweet at a time. Every day I hear messages on how a little tweet made an impact in that person’s day. Every day I get a message that it came at the right time, thanks for the reminder, great thing, I want to be able to share this.

Become a Time Management Master

Every day people make personal resolutions to become efficient in Time Management. Why is this important aspect of business and life building not achieved? Probably because if they tried other systems, they were either incomplete or too complicated.

Building Social Currency on Twitter

Social Currency is a validation, an endorsement – going out and supporting others. Some people equate Social Currency on Twitter, as the act of ‘retweeting’ someone else with the expectation that the other person should ‘retweet’ them.

How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Network through Twitter

Build attraction. Focus on relationship building and delivering real value. To tweet, your tweets should contain one or more of these four elements: Entertain, Educate, Enhance, and Engage.

How Your Experiences Can Lead You to Your Path When You Are Listening

….. I fell into motivational and inspirational quotes, and I began to share them on Twitter. I started sharing motivational quotes with others, and to selfishly lift myself up. People started responding and RT-ing, asking questions, making comments.

Aha Moments That Changed My Life, Part 3

Yes, somebody else could see my gifts, my vision, somebody could see what I could do for them and they were willing to be able to refer me, and recommend me to their audience. That was the boost I needed for so long. That has given me such confidence to go forward, build programs and do even more then what I expected to do previously.

Aha Moments That Changed My Life, Part 1

In June 2008, I met Dave Lakhani at a Bob Burg event and he mentioned that I have to get on Twitter. So, I got on Twitter and I started out selfishly sharing motivational quotes to lift myself up and to get out of the mental state I was in. In sharing those quotes, I became the 1 in 5 people Jim Rohn referred to … “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, including yourself.”

#PositiveAttitude on #GLTP Chat – October 4th, Saturday, 12 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #PositiveAttitude: I have learned to take all situations and turn them into something positive. Paraphrasing Napoleon Hill – “There is a seed of good within every bad thing that happens to you”. I am always looking for the seed.

Storify on #SystemSecrets

If you missed the Twitter Party on James K. Butler’s book, ‘The System is the Secret: Proven Ways to Implement the Systems that Will Transform and Grow Your Business’, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #SystemSecrets.

#SystemSecrets on #SystemSecrets Chat, 9/18, Thursday, 7 – 10 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #SystemSecrets: As you build your business it is vital to create Systems. Without it you leave yourself exposed to potential problems. Rapid growth can reveal your weaknesses. Put Systems into place to help transform and turn your business in a positive direction. Today we will discuss challenging and thought provoking questions.

#TransformYourLife on #GLTP Chat – September 17th, Wednesday, 5 – 8 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #TransformYourLife is all about transformation. If you are transforming … if you are on a quest for a better life in ALL ways then join us as we discuss empowering questions that will help you in your quest with your own personal discovery.

#Share-A-Thon on #GLTP Chat – September 6th, Saturday, 12 – 3 pm ET

Today’s Topic, #Share-A-Thon, in celebration of our 1 year Twitter Party anniversary, 9/6/13, we will be doing a Share-A-Share – both your stuff and your recommendations.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #MarketingTip

If you missed my last #GLTP on Wednesday, July 16th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #MarketingTip.

A Selfish Act That Impacted Thousands of Lives

One of the ways to boost myself up is to read motivational messages, surround myself with people who inspire me, and lift and revitalize me. Being a student of personal development for 25 years, I created a collection of motivational quotes. Becoming active on Twitter, I began tweeting motivational quotes to selfishly lift myself up.

Preview Page to #MarketingTips on #GLTP Chat – August 2oth, 5 – 8 pm

These #MarketingTips Will Help You Create a Successful Business, Increase Your Sales and Profitability, Build Better Relationships.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #HappyDay

If you missed my last #GLTP on Wednesday, July 16th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #HappyDay.

Preview Page to #HappyDay on #GLTP Chat – August 2nd, 12 – 3 pm

Happiness begins from within. Happiness is a choice. If you want to be happy, first it begins with being in alignment with your values, beliefs, passions. It is about creating happiness each and every day, being committed to your ideals and living a purposeful life! Today we will be exploring the mental, emotional and spiritual state of happiness.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #YoungEntrepreneurs

If you missed my last #GLTP on Thursday, July 17th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #YoungEntrepreneurs.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #Kindness

If you missed my last #GLTP on Wednesday, July 16th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #Kindness.

Preview Page to  Young Entrepreneurs on #GLTP Chat – July 17th, 5 – 7 pm

Today we will be looking at the many facets of youth becoming entrepreneurs, the challenges teenagers have to deal with in today’s times, some possible solutions, how you can help teenagers and become involved in this program.

Preview Page to  Kindness on #GLTP Chat – July 16th, 5 – 8 pm

When you bring #Kindness into your life there is an amazing shift. For the receiver, it is an immeasurable gift. For the giver, the rewards are enormous.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #BizFreedom

If you missed my last #GLTP on Saturday, July 5th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #BizFreedom.

Preview Page to Business Freedom on #GLTP Chat – July 5th, 12 – 3 pm

Do you want business freedom? In order to have freedom, it is vital that you have the foundational elements to achieve success and freedom.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #MGAware

If you missed my last #GLTP on Wednesday, June 25th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #MGAware.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #CreativeReinvention

If you missed my last #GLTP on Wednesday, June 18th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #CreativeReinvention.

The Unforeseen Power of a Single Tweet

My passion to teach people to use Twitter, to reach across the Twitterverse, to attract an audience, to build their brand and create a community, and to communicate how to effectively engage, all took a massive shift recently when I received an email from a Twitter follower. She voiced that one tweet I shared was the turning point in her deciding not to end her life.

View My Storify: #GLTP on #RawCopingPower

If you missed my last #GLTP on Saturday, June 7th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #RawCopingPower.

Preview Page to MG Awareness on #GLTP Chat – June 25th, 5-8 pm ET

Today the focus will be on how Myasthenia Gravis (MG) effects individuals on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Attention will be brought forward to educate, inform and share personal thoughts, feelings and stories.

Preview Page to Creative Reinvention on #GLTP Chat – June 18th,  5-8 pm ET

People general don’t think about reinventing their lives unless there’s some impetus to do so. The ultimate point of reinvention is to bring you greater happiness by putting your life in closer alignment with your life’s purpose.

View My Storify: #GLTP (new hashtag for #GaryLoperTwitterParty) on #Community

If you missed my last #GLTP on Saturday, June 7th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #Community.

Preview Page to Coping Power/Stress on #GLTP Chat — June 11th, 5 – 8 pm ET

Everyone talks about time pressure and stress and their impact at home, at work, and on health. But there is much more of a focus on the problem than the solution.

Twitter Party Getting Better All the Time

Last month we offered a short 6 question survey to get feedback on how to make the #GaryLoperTwitterParty even better. Learn about the suggestions.

Preview Page to Building Community on #GLTP Chat — June 7th, 12 pm ET

The concept of community is based on a group of people with similar interests, a higher purpose, to unify a similar interest with mutually beneficial relationships.

View My Storify: #GaryLoperTwitterParty on #GoWithTheFlow

If you missed my last #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Wednesday, May 21st, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #GoWithTheFlow.

View My Storify: #GaryLoperTwitterParty on #GoingTheExtraMile

If you missed my last #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Saturday, May 3rd, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #GoingTheExtraMile.

View My Storify: #GaryLoperTwitterParty on #Influence & #SocialCurrency

If you missed my last #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Wednesday, April 16th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #Influence & #Social Currency.

View My Storify: #GaryLoperTwitterParty April 5, 2014

If you missed my last #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Saturday, April 5th, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic – #Encouragement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter

~ Just Getting Started or Need More Information about Twitter?   ~ Are you confused and frazzled?   ~ How can I De-Mystify Twitter?  It can be overwhelming at first and far too many people give up on Twitter because they do not understand what to do to navigate the site. Now’s the time to get answers to your questions.

View My Storify: #GaryLoperTwitterParty March 1, 2014

If you missed my last #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Saturday, March 1st, here’s the opportunity to be a part of the Twitter Party Topic –#LiveYourLife.

Twitter Review

Twitter is a major stadium filled with people having conversations. Twitter opens new relationships and opportunities that can expand you personally and professionally. Over the years I have built an impeccable reputation and presence on Twitter. It’s really going out and laying out the foundation of who you are, and helping other people.

What’s A Twitter Party?

The #GaryLoperTwitterParty is a unique Twitter experience.  It is an incredible opportunities to connect with new friends, create new partnerships and expand your marketing efforts in a fun way. A twice a month event:  1st Saturday from 12 to 3 pm ET and 3rd Wednesday 5 to 8 pm ET. Happy Tweeting!

What Are Your Goals on Twitter?

Recently a new follower asked me, what I thought was a simple question – “What are your goals on Twitter?”  And, I replied – “many goals – inspire & pos impact lives of 1M, work w/train 250K to build better relationships on & off line & more.”

2 Twitter Trends You Need to be Aware of

Weekend Tweeting – I have been reading a number of articles that are indicating something I have been mentioning for a couple years. That weekend engagement activity is higher than during the ‘normal’ business week.  Some of the reports mention that less than 20% of business are tweeting on Saturday or Sunday.

Twitterverse Flight School Level 1 begins January 7th

Get ready to take off across the Twitterverse! Are you struggling with getting a grip on how to best use Twitter to grow your community and business? Have the recent changes in Facebook been forcing you to look to other social networking platforms to reach new prospects and customers

The 4 E’s to Effective Tweeting

I was recently asked how tweets could be more effective in creating conversations and attracting an audience of followers. The best ways I’ve discovered can be expressed by envisioning each of your tweets to contain at least one of the following elements.

Finally, Twitter Direct Messages No Longer A Spam-fill

Last week Twitter made a huge shift in no longer allowing links to be included in Direct Messages, now returning the use of our Direct Message (DM) inboxes as a way to have private conversations with our followers.  A feature that was overtaken by spammers and malware in the past four years (at least).

Consistent Consistency (Are you Tweeting Enough)

One of the most asked questions I hear from clients and in my Twitter Stream is how much should I be Tweeting every day? Every time I tell them a story, that always helps them understand my suggested number of daily Tweets. A number of years ago, my kids would mumble about our ‘aimless excursions to no-where’.

#TwitterTip: Shorten Up Your Tweets – 100 is the New 140

One thing I noticed during the #GaryLoperTwitterParty is that when I tried to ReTweet (RT) many of the attendee’s tweets, I needed to edit the tweet to make it fit within the 140 character limit. Many times I could not RT a tweet because of the length and the time it would have taken to shorten it.

Become the Most Valuable Tweeter – The Added Value of Personalizing Your Tweets

As a Go-Giver Coach, I am always looking for ways to add additional value to the people I serve with my messages on Twitter.  An often overlooked method of adding more value to your community – something so simple, yet massively powerful in creating goodwill, is building trust and rapport, and establishing a positivemental image in the minds of everyone reading your tweets.


It’s been a little over a week, and I am still buzzing from all the electricity we generated with the party and how much we lit up the Twitterverse for the entire day. There were so many great connections and heartfelt comments of how much everyone enjoyed the event, it really touched my heart.

#GaryLoperTwitterParty Rocks the Twitterverse

On Saturday September 7th the #GaryLoperTwitterParty literally exploded on Twitter.  People from around the world attended the party and collectively we were the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter for 10 hours – including 5 hours after the party officially ended, the conversation continued.

Join My Twitter Party Saturday, 9/7, 12 pm – 5 pm, ET

Welcome to the #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Saturday, September 7th. Join my Twitter event from 12 pm – 5 pm, ET. The energy within the Twitterverse will be astronomical, with unlimited potential, reaching globally to connect people together, so they may share each other’s sites and gifts.  This collaborative effort will become a trending topic offering tremendous visibility to those that engage.

How to be a Twerrific Twitter Party Guest (and attract followers, JV Partners & new customers)

The Twitter event of the year is only a couple days away, and the response for the #GaryLoperTwitterParty has been absolutely amazing.  With all the attendees who will be spending the afternoon with us, the energy in this tweet stream will be electric.

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend the #GaryLoperTwitterParty

Are you struggling to get noticed on Twitter? Has your social networking plan failed to bring you any new people to your community? Does your social networking need a boost? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then it is a must that you attend #GaryLoperTwitterParty !

You’re Invited to a Twitter Party {Celebrating 5 Years of Life Changing Tweets}

September 7th will mark the 5th anniversary of my first tweet.  I am hosting my Twitter Party starting at 12 pm ET to celebrate the incredible journey and opportunities I have received through Twitter. Join us in an afternoon filled with great conversations, list building activities, powerful and impactful Twitter stories, door prizes and more.

Tell Me Your Twitter Story (Contest)

My 5 years on Twitter @GaryLoper has been an absolute blessing and is a big part of turning my life and business around. My experiences on Twitter have been immense, including rising up from a dark period in my life with the tremendous help from my Twitter Friends to expanding my business and mindsets by meeting some absolutely amazing people, new friends.

2 Great Tools for Twitter Chats (Discover a New Level of Twitter Conversations)

It may appear that it is difficult to develop meaningful conversations, especially around a specific topic, in only 140 characters . . . until you learn how to Master Twitter Chats….I have discovered a couple of tools that will enhance your Twitter Chats experience [Twubs & TweetChat].

14 Effective Keys to Engage & Attract Followers on Twitter, Part 2

Here is Part 2 Keys 8 -14.   8. Acknowledge the Source ~ When you find a Tweet that is something you’d like to reuse many times, be sure to include the source of the Tweet – especially if it is someone else’s original thought.  It’s not necessary to continually credit for a RT of someone else’s quote – but the source should always be mentioned.

14 Effective Keys to Engage & Attract Followers on Twitter, Part 1

In the past couple of blogs we discussed the reasons why you should have a Big Twitter Following and How to Manage a Large List  to create a foundation for your Twitter experience. Regularly practicing these Keys will be the nectar to attract swarms of new followers.

5 Keys to Managing a Big List on Twitter

Last time we talked about some of the advantages of attracting a big following on Twitter.  And, you’re probably thinking Twitter is already moving so fast, so how will I be able to keep up with even more people in my stream? I am glad you asked! Let’s focus on some simple Keys to manage your growing list on Twitter.

3 Key Reasons Why I have a Big Following on Twitter {and why you should too}

For as long as I can remember, there has been a debate over large lists vs. small lists on Twitter and other social media sites. What is interesting is that only those ‘experts’ who do not have a large audience are the ones beating the drum of a small list. All the top coaches, speakers, authors, marketers, etc. know the advantage of creating and maintaining a big list and creating the Know, Like & Trust relationships that generate responses, communication and sales.

3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making with Your Twitter Profile (And How It’s Costing You Business Opportunities)

Twitter and Social Media has quickly become a necessary part of our business and marketing plans.  You want to create the best possible presence to build your brand, and make the best use of the time you invest using Twitter, don’t you? Make these changes to your Twitter profile, and become an even better magnet for your future customers.

Moving Beyond 140 Characters

Twitter’s platform is a tool for relationship building when built with a ‘know, like and trust’ value system. Once you establish that rapport, doors open to create a strong foundation in relationships. Here is an example of a conversation that extended beyond Twitter: Congratulations on your awakening to a bigger life and purpose.

Twitter Tool Box

Recently I learned about a new Twitter account management system Manage Flitter http://manageflitter.com/  It is very easy to use to flush out accounts that are not following you back, those with no profile photo, and accounts that have not posted in the past 30 days.

#TwitterTip @GaryLoper ‘s Follow & Unfollow Rules

My Twitter Follow rule is extremely simple; I follow everyone who follows me until they give me a reason to stop following. For a lot of new comers to the Twitterverse, they are spending too much time checking profiles to determine if they are Follow-Worthy.