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Twitter Consulting

The founders of Twitter had a vision that Twitter would become a virtual town square

Are you perplexed or intimidated by social media?

Are you concerned about creating the time to learn how to be proficient
on Twitter?

Yet, taking my Twitterverse Flight School is not an option at this time.

Do you need specific training to help build your confidence in navigating social media?

Do you want to learn how to Build Relationships that evolve into
Referring Ambassadors

Do you or your team need one-on-one consulting?


Reach People Around the World with side text

I am trained to listen, observe and customize your needs.  I value you!  I will train you to make the best use of Twitter, so you can connect with people, and create value and care with the people you are engaging with.  A balance of engagement and content will be your magnet to attract new customers and referrals.  Learn the latest trends.
Be an implementer and see what happens!


When purchasing a Twitter Consulting package, you can use a block of time [e.g. 15 minutes],
and you only will be charged accordingly by quarter hour increments.

3 Twitter Consulting Hours for $ 390


6 Twitter Consulting Hours for $ 660


12 Twitter Consulting Hours for $ 1,080

About Gary:

Gary Loper Networking PresentationMy passion is to assist you in Building Better Relationships with your teams, customers, prospects, and partners, and most importantly yourself.

With more than 250,000+ connections on Twitter, and a strong background in marketing and sales, 30+ years of customer service and 15+ years of direct sales, I am instrumental in helping others attract a targeted audience and increase their effectiveness and financial profitability. Teaching strategies and tactics on how to be successful will open up the door to produce and maintain positive personal and business solutions.

With thousands of hours of vast personal development, mind and bodywork study, and intuitive abilities, I empower individuals to discover their gifts, develop confidence, and create better relationships with themselves and others in their lives.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and sales teams to build a network of Endless Referrals, thus making your business and life more fun and profitable.

Gary Co-Authored 4 books:

Ready, Set, GO Make A Video 101 YouTube Ideas for Your BusinessvReady, Set, GO Make A Video: 101 YouTube Ideas for Your Business
By Jessica Brace

This book provides you with a simple approach to video marketing. It includes 100’s of easy to implement ideas for you to get started with Video Marketing today. Jessica Brace invited Gary to write a bonus chapter in her book on ‘Mastering the Twitterverse’.



Finding Joy Around The World Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner PeaceFinding Joy Around The World: Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy
By Kari Joy MS

Gary is one of the authors of collected insights and stories from 32 people in countries around the world who have shown an interest in living with joy. Their stories are honest, sincere and heart-warming, and their suggestions for finding joy are profound and insightful.



Transform Your LifeTransform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools and Personal Stories

In a cooperative effort, Gary teamed up with 59 other authors — it’s all about transforming people’s lives.  The book, ‘Transform Your Life!’ is a composite of inspiring, empowering and life transforming stories about hope, success, motivation, passion, adversity, authenticity, and many more topics.



Tenacious Living Choose Your Adventure pngTenacious Living: Choose Your Adventure
By Carrie-Ann Baron

Gary is one of the authors in this book, a collaborative effort of 29 authors about their personal experiences on how they embraced adversities and created success. This book uncovers ways to deal with adversities in life, inspiring and motivating others to be more.



He is the Author of 3 eBooks:

Master of the Twitterverse – Guide to Get More FollowersGary Loper Twitter Expert Master of the TWITTERVERSE eBook

There are numerous eBooks on Twitter promoting the fastest means to gain 1,000s of followers; many with valid information. So, how is this book different from the rest? You will receive a proven formula to build relationships through Twitter, building a referral business lasting a lifetime. You will also learn how to De-Mystify Twitter, like: Discover the mindset to shift your business to SUCCESS, uncover the ‘key’ Social Media tools, learn how to use Social Media to drive traffic to your website, grow into a winning Business Builder, and much more!


37 keys to networking cover for free eBook page37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking

37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking
Business and Social Networking . . . is much, much more than simply showing up and shaking a lot of hands, gathering up business cards, collecting followers and attempting to get someone to buy your services or product. Successful networking is about learning how to ‘work’ the art of networking, not just seeing how things will work out. Your business success is closely related to your capability to network your business for growth.


Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach 20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships eBook20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships

Learn Gary’s 20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships. Here is a glimpse of his eBook: Learn to love yourself, what the 5 Love Languages mean, how to use Reflective Listening effectively, how to live by the Platinum Rule, and much, much more!