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Promo Tweets

What are promo tweets?  Your message is broadcasted to my combined audience of over 250K followers and growing.  According to Klout I am influential in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business, Social Media and Spirituality.

There is some specific criterion . . .

  • You can only benefit for exposure to my list if we are sharing the same interests.
  • You want to attract new connections and prospects.

What are the benefits . . . 

  • Ideal for promoting your blog, webinars, events, special offers, videos, appearances, Facebook fan page or event, etc.

Important features . . . 

  • Your tweet will be posted during high user times for best exposure to the biggest audience possible for you.
  • You are welcome to use different messages instead of the same every time.
  • All messages must be submitted at the beginning of service
  • You will receive proof of post by email.
  • Your message and link will not be deleted, insuring long-term search ability.

Please note: You write your own tweet & include the link – we are not responsible for your errors.

4 Tweets posted in 1 week:

1 per day $15

2 x day $25

10 Tweets posted in 2 weeks:

1 per day $30

2 x day $50

20 Tweets posted in 3 weeks:

1 per day $55

2 x day $99

45 Tweets posted in 4 weeks:

1 per day + best times $99

Please contact me for special request pricing, for specific times and anything not included in this writing.

If you are not sure if your product will fit my audience, please contact me and include the link for a quick assessment to determine our mutual best fit.

We reserve the right to screen all links to insure your offering is in alignment with the high quality standards created to attract the large following. To save time do not submit any of the following: MLM, Money Making, Get Rich, Squeeze pages, Sex products/services of any kind, gambling, disturbing content, pharmacy products.