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If you were directed to the ‘Tweet For U – À La Carte Menu, please refer to Twitter Management Posting Program: Tweet 4 U.

Twitter has exceeded 300 million monthly active users, and has grown into one of the most prevalent social media platforms globally. Twitter is a wide open platform. There are no rules.
You can follow anybody you want to follow. They do not have to follow you back. You can have a conversation with anybody who’s willing to talk with you.

By far, Twitter is the best way for engagement and conversations, and unlimited possibilities because tweets are search engineable. Your tweets, if you are focusing on your keywords and enough of your tweets contain your keywords that solve people’s problems, when people go to Google or Bing or Yahoo, you are going to come up in that search. The other platforms are not searchable in that same way.

The best way to reach the world and a bigger audience is Twitter!

4 Es with twitter handle etc updated

Build attraction.  Focus on relationship building and delivering real value.  Your tweets should contain one or more of these four elements,
Gary’s 4E’s: Entertain, Educate, Enhance, and Engage.

So, with all these benefits, how can you not take advantage of Twitter?

  • Do you want to increase your Twitter presence?
  • Do you want to build your brand, attract new followers and create a community of raving fans, referring ambassadors and loyal customers?
  • Are you a serious entrepreneur wanting to Build Better Relationships with prospective customers, and achieve unlimited Success and potential income?

Your time is precious. To be highly engaged in building your Twitter persona, a consistent presence is necessary.  One of our clients regained more than 20 hours a month when we began to manage their account.

If you have any questions and want to get started, schedule some time to talk with Gary.


TWEET FOR U - À La Carte Menu updated

Tweet 4 U – À La Carte Menu


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40 messages a day, per month for $99 / month

40 messages a day will be posted to your tweet stream.

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 Tweets added to your stream, 5 hours of research for $99 / month
We will customize tweets to fit your needs. 5 hours of research will include tweets
that are taken from your website, articles & blogs and/or interviews & videos.

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Daily RTs on your behalf per day, per month for $99 / month
We will retweet other people’s tweets that resonate with your business.

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6-month minimum.  Charges will incur from Crystal Pathways.


Importantly, we will post for you on your behalf; however, we cannot speak for you.
It will be necessary for you to respond to questions, and monitor your account for those people wishing to have a conversation with you.
Remember the 4E’s are vital to growing your business, and building your network through Twitter!

0099CC BAR 4Gary and his clients are regularly listed within their categories as the TOP 100 people to follow on Twitter!

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Research $40/hr., as needed, will be invoiced.
For example: new content to post on your behalf, scheduled messages, etc.  We will be looking at converting messages to tweetable tweets.

Invoicing is net 30 with first month fees dues in advance.
Your Twitter Account password is required to perform this service, and we will only post your messages to your account.