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Twitter Headers

Purchase Your Custom Twitter HeaderAre you using a default Twitter header? If you want to leave a lasting impression, consider this …

The design of your Twitter page is an important consideration before you begin your journey into the Twitterverse. It establishes a first impression on Twitter. Just as in face-to-face meetings, when meeting new people you will be accessed within seconds. The Twitter default designs lack personality, and do not establish your brand.

What’s more, your header symbolizes your persona. And, creating a custom header will enhance your brand by adding images of you, your logo, your products, or it simply may be an artistic, creative design incorporating your business and your website. This is an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you represent, inviting your audience to engage with you.

With the new Twitter page layout a great graphic artist can skillfully use the space and tastefully showcase you.

Invest time into the planning process:

  • What colors represent who you are?

For example, red signifies strength, power, determination, passion, love; orange is associated with joy, enthusiasm, creativity, attraction, success, encouragement; yellow communicates joy, happiness, intellect, energy; green symbolizes freshness, growth, harmony, fertility, dark green in particular is associated with money; blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, truth, confidence; purple represents power, nobility, dignity, mystery, magic, independence, creativity; white is associated with light, goodness, purity, the color of perfection; black represents power, elegance, formality, mystery.

  • How do you want to use your Twitter background to complement your website?

It is important to maintain consistent branding throughout all your platforms.

  • Do you want to showcase your books/eBooks, logo or any other images?

Keep in mind it is an image, so links are not active on your background.  Note: The area on the header that is left blank indicates where your photo will be added once it is uploaded to your Twitter account.

The headers on all social sites are essentially a billboard to graciously grab the attention of the visitor. Be certain to convey how you can help them, and how they can connect with you.

Receive all this, your custom Twitter Header for only $99.

Purchase Your Custom Twitter Header NOW:

See Twitter header samples below.  For other graphic art services, view portfolio.


Gary's Header 2016 -4

Jennifer's header

Linzi's header