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Twitter Strategy Session



The whole world is tweeting.  It is important to build your brand,
find interesting people to connect with, and drive traffic to your site.

The main emphasis is relationship building, social engaging, so people
will get to know you.

Learn How to Master the Twitterverse . . .
INVEST in a Twitter Strategy Session!



What Are The Benefits . . .

  • You will be given a review of your Twitter account.
  • You will gain a consistent branding message to improve your search ability, and thus it will increase the likelihood that people will be attracted to your message.
  • We will meet by phone, so you can receive suggestions of how to improve your Twitter presence.

Importantly your profile establishes your first impression on Twitter, the same as in face-to-face meetings, meeting new people. You will be accessed within seconds to whether or not you are follow worthy.

Some Things We May Talk About:

  • Your setup~
    • Your profile photo and bio
    • Choosing your name
    • Your background
  • Types of tweets that are effective
  • And, more!

You will gain followers by simply having a great profile and people will decide to follow you based on the first impression you created by investing the time to follow these vital steps. Without it, you will be passed by!

Foremost, remember to be honest, attentive, active, inspirational, and informative.  Learn some of the important DO’s to Mastering the Twitterverse!

To schedule a time for our conversation, please click here, and choose from my available times, a time that works best for you.

30-Minute Twitter Strategy Session
30-Minute Twitter Strategy Session
… for ONLY $25, $100 VALUE ~ to help you with the one thing that you can change today to improve you or your business, to help you Master the Twitterverse!