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#SystemSecrets on #SystemSecrets Chat, 9/18, Thursday, 7 – 10 pm ET


#GLTP Twitter PartyToday’s Topic, #SystemSecrets: As you build your business it is vital to create Systems. Without it you leave yourself exposed to potential problems. Rapid growth can reveal your weaknesses. Put Systems into place to help transform and turn your business in a positive direction. Today we will discuss challenging and thought provoking questions.  Our conversations will revolve around the Systems you have created and used to run your business, how you can improve your business so that it is Systems dependent, trends in your industry, your focus throughout the day and much more.

Jump into the conversation, reconnect with our community or create new relationships. Let’s create a collaborative effort. Everyone will be sharing their strategies, business advice and tips, and much more!


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Today’s SPECIAL EVENT: JOIN US! Become an engaging conversationalist, engage and meet new Tweople. Build new relationships, make valuable connections, create a collaborative effort and join the conversation. Be a part of the Virtual Blast and Feel the Electricity!

Our parties are always 3 hours long – Each month our schedule is:

  • The 1st Saturday, starting at Noon – 3 pm, ET, and
  • The 3rd Wednesday, at 5 – 8 pm ET.
  • For special events we often schedule on other days, please refer to topic.

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Today’s Topic: #SystemSecrets, 9/18, Thursday
Party starts at 7 pm ET & continues until 10 pm ET


The secret is the System

During the chat we will be posting questions to start engagement. The listing below is not the exact wording of the questions that will be asked in the #GLTP. The intent is to help you prepare and gather your thoughts around the theme of our conversation.

Some Questions to Help You Get You in the Flow *:

  • What are the areas of your business that you don’t want to look at? Why?
  • What systems and behaviors have you adopted from the top business owners? How is it working for you?
  • What are the things that you do well that you and only you can do at your business?
  • How well are you implementing what you are learning? Are you where you want to be?

* Actual questions will be numbered and posted live during the Tweet Chat.


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I am in gratitude and appreciation, thank you all!
Keep the Party Going, Happy Tweeting ~ Gary