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Tell Me Your Twitter Story (Contest)

Tell Me Your Twitter Story

My 8 years on Twitter @GaryLoper has been an absolute blessing,
and is a big part of turning my life and business around.

My experiences on Twitter have been immense, including rising up from a dark period in my life with the tremendous help from my Twitter Friends to expanding my business and mindset by meeting some absolutely amazing people, new friends.

I would like to hear from you about how Twitter has changed
or impacted your life.

On Twitter did you … Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Discover Your Passions

  • meet the love of your life?
  • discover your voice or passions?
  • overcome an adversity?
  • launch a new business?

Share your story in a document, video or mp3 recording.


The authors of the best Twitter Stories will be invited to share their story on my website, and it will be tweeted across the Twitterverse!

If your story is selected, as a bonus you will receive:
A FREE 30-Minute Twitter Strategy Session.

Normally the cost is $25, a $100 VALUE ~ to help you with the one thing that you can change today to improve you or your business,
to help you Master the Twitterverse!

Please email your story to Gary@GaryLoper.com.

Happy Tweeting!