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A Man Who Thrives On Twitter And Builds Relationships Across The Globe

David Ralph, host of Join Up Dots, talks to Gary about his social media and coaching skills, and how he found himself as the go to man for both.

During the show Gary discussed with David Ralph such weighty subjects such as:


  • How we are all unique, and we shouldn’t think that others should think the same way as us!
  • How many of the relationships he had failed due to wanting to be loved too much!
  • How he doesn’t consider anything a failure, it is simply an experience to learn from!
  • How he believes his success on Twitter has been achieved by his past “real life” relationships!
  • How the more you give in this world, the more you will get back!
  • And lastly….. How we all need a dream, and must take a risk to make that dream a reality!

Listen here.