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Transformations Are Healing

AHA MOMENTS PART 1 All great changes are preceded by chaos -Deepak Chopra

Throughout my blog posts my intention has been to share transformational images. These images are places I have personally traveled, experiences I have explored in order to heal my own inner child.  I hold a light for others who are on a similar path.

As I sit on top of the mountain shining the lantern’s light, I hold the light so people following their path can see their way up. As I internalize my image and complete the journey, I shine my light down for other people who have just begun. I can hold the light for others who are not as far along.

For me, my journey began initially by accepting that I was not where I wanted to be.  I initiated my transformation.  It has been full of shifts, many freeing at first and others very challenging.  We cannot grow in our comfort zones.  It is only in chaos that true growth can be realized. Often that is where many individuals check out of the process.  It is too hard facing the memories, and challenging to take control of our reactions to what has transpired.  Most often when we search within to find a way to turn our pains into a passion that is when our own healing begins.  I am not sure if the process is ever completed, but I look at each opportunity to heal myself a little more and in the process assist others to move ahead in their journey.  The absolute beauty in this is helping others.  It has allowed me to be a better guide for even more people.

A very important thing to mention is that this transformation is not an overnight miracle.  Be aware that by going within to meditate and reflect, we awaken the life force within, just as the plants hibernate in winter.  Shutting down and going within, we begin to awaken with a new brilliant life and new fruit or flower to share with the world.

Honor yourself.  Even though the transformation will be challenging, it will be worth the effort.  Your world and your perspective of it will be altered.  Remember you are not alone. There are many on the same path, and they are willing to help.

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