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What to Tweet, Part 1

If you are here for business, keep politics, personal, and all other non-business issues off your business Twitter account

What Should You Tweet?

First, have a clear mission of why you are on Twitter, and stay true to your mission. Become a resource of valuable information that will either educate or entertain your Followers.

There are many ways to be effective on Twitter. If you are here for business, keep politics, personal, and all other non-business issues off your business Twitter account. If you have a burning desire to share everything about your life, it would be best served by creating a separate Twitter profile for personal communications.

People will make an assessment within only a few seconds on whether or not you are follow worthy, and whether they want to do business with you. They will decide whether your message and Twitter persona meets their needs or not.

In the beginning it is best to become an incredible follower first before people will notice you and return the favor.

My strong suggestion is to NOT TO SELL ANYTHING on Twitter until you have 2,000 Tweets and Followers.

It takes time to create a ‘know, like & trust’ relationship with your Twitter audience. Just like back in school, we always stood back a little to see what the new kid was like. Tweople are always watching one another, and once you earn their trust more and more of the Twitterverse will open up to you.

It took my first 2,000 tweets to find my voice – how I was going to represent myself, what I was going to talk about and share. It wasn’t until about 5,000 tweets that I really felt at home and had attracted an audience for my messages.

Before you start looking for people to Follow, fill your page with powerful messages. This is the empty restaurant parking lot theory. When you are out looking for a place to eat, most people will not stop at a restaurant with an empty parking lot. If it was any good, people would be there already. Make sure your Tweetstream – timeline is entertaining, educational and provides value.

Remember we are not selling anything until 2,000 tweetsRemember we are not selling anything until 2,000 tweets. If people come by your page and the first thing they see is that you are selling, they will leave. Social media is first a SOCIAL opportunity.

How do you feel when you go to an event, and someone pushes their business card or goes into a presentation the moment you meet them? The vast majority of us truly are repulsed by this behavior – both on and off line.


To read about ‘what to tweet’, see Gary’s #Twittertip #WhattoTweet.

What effect have you made on Twitter? Are you attentive to the needs of your followers?

The main emphasis is relationship building, social engaging, so people will get to know you. Learn How to Master the Twitterverse …
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