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Twitter Marketing for Businesses (and Twitter Cards) by Deborah Anderson

This blog originally appeared in socialnomics.net.

By Deborah Anderson .

Twitter is a popular social network and this is very evident by how often the topic is covered in popular blogs, like this one! Socialnomics’ articles include Make Use Of The Effective Insights Of Twitter Marketing To Buzz Your Business and How to Stand Out on Twitter.

Social Media Examiner seems to love those Twitter Marketing tips and how-to articles, too, including 7 Twitter Marketing Tips and Getting Started With Twitter Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is something that can be used on any social network, but is particularly easy on Twitter because of the ability to read the tweets (unless marked private) for Twitter users, even if you are not following each other on Twitter.

Twitter for Personal or Business

I have heard many people ask why anyone would want to use Twitter for their business when it appears that there is no value in it (no return-on-investment; ROI). Just taking a look at the infographic, above, demonstrates that there is value but it is about accessing those Twitter Users and finding a way for you to benefit, in your business.

Gary Loper makes his living on Twitter. However, you would hardly know that this is a business from the aspect of how Gary presents himself. I recently interviewed Gary and he is so motivational and inspirational. If you are considering how to use Twitter in a non-business way, listen to Gary. If you are considering using Twitter for business, listen to Gary.

His approach is so personable and that may just be the secret success to how he uses Twitter for his business. But, don’t take my word for it, see what Gary has to say for himself: