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Twitter Party Getting Better All the Time


Last month we offered a short 6 question survey to get feedback on how to make the #GaryLoperTwitterParty even better.

The responses were very enlightening and supportive of the Tweet Chat event that grew out of the celebration of my first five years on Twitter.

There were so many tremendous suggestions on improvements and ideas for future topics.  You’ll see many of those recommendations implemented in the coming parties.

#GLTP Twitter PartyThe biggest change is a movement to use the shorter hashtag #GLTP. 

This will allow everyone more room in their tweets to expand their answer.

For the first couple of parties the longer hashtag will be used in combination with the #GLTP to help people find the party.

Please watch for promotion tweets with the tag change, and invite others to join the next party.

One of the features we really like about Twubs is that both hashtags will be shown during the party.  Find the #GLTP on Twubs at http://www.Twubs.com/GLTP.

Another great suggestion was to provide a party preview.  Starting this week watch for a blog post on GaryLoper.com with all the information, and links anyone will need to have an incredible party experience, and a description of the topic and sample questions to help you get into the best mindset to participate in the conversation.

Check out the first preview post —

Building Community on #GLTP chat, June 7th, 12 to 3 pm.

With so many great suggestions and a long list of features people love about our gatherings, there is too much to explore in just one post.

Watch in the coming weeks for more blog posts — shared insights from our Twitizens — to create the best social networking event on Twitter.