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Gary’s Best Twitter Tips

1. Use Twitter to connect with people, and make them part of
     your community.

You will be amazed at the connections you can make with people when you add to tweets and discussions, and are generous with comments and RT’s. Create a presence, carve out a niche, connect with an audience that can be your customers
or referring ambassadors, and make them a part of your community.

Focus on one account2. Do not use multiple accounts.

Start with just one account. Focus on one account; otherwise, it’s like herding cats! Your attention is diverted between two things. Get a 2nd account if you have diverse interests, and/or you are doing Twitter Parties. During Twitter parties or chats, you can easily tweet a good deal causing yourself to end up in Twitter jail, virtual time out. Suggested tweet parties is 60 tweets an hour.

3. Use keywords in your Twitter profile.

Your profile is your name tag or business card, and creates an opportunity for people to ask or comment on your profile. Your profile is indexable by the search engine,
and should contain the same key words you have chosen for your website. Remember, you only get 160 characters in your profile to share your services
or passions.

4. Use a banner photo, and photos on your Twitter account.

Twitter gives everyone a billboard where you can create your signature –
your profile, your photo and your links, as well as demonstrate how you can solve people’s problems. Connect with people with your photo. Let your smile be your logo.
You can put your logo up in your banner. Unfortunately, so many people are
missing that opportunity.

4 Es with twitter handle etc5. Your tweets should entertain, educate,         enhance and engage.

Build attraction.  Focus on relationship building and delivering real value. To tweet, your tweets should contain one or more of these four elements: Entertain, Educate, Enhance, and Engage. The majority of your tweets should not
be about you. 

6. Motivational messages are the most retweeted tweets.

What can you do for the greater good? For me, my #JustForToday quotes are little reminders to help people make a better choice. What can you work on today? What are your baby steps? By sharing motivational quotes as Zig Ziglar said … “it is a motivational bath, people need it every day”.  We don’t know how many people
are watching, or how the words we put out have an impact on people’s lives.

7. Twitter parties are virtual conversations in Twitter that are geared
     around a branded hashtag.

Hashtags are used to create a topic of discussion, an example would be #LifeSkills.
A Twitter Party is an incredible way to build rapport, build your presence, audience, and community. Importantly, become an engaging conversationalist and meet new people. You can create new relationships, make valuable connections, and form joint ventures.

8. Twitter parties can help you ‘trend’ on Twitter.

Trending topics are the most popular conversations that are happening on Twitter at that present moment. If you want to see the trending topics, they are listed on the left side of the Twitter page. Twitter parties are perfect for a grand opening, or a book / product launch.

Tweet Limit9. Twitter party: stay under 60 tweets in
     an hour.

It is very easy to get excited, get involved in great conversations, and retweet often that you unaware that you cannot tweet anymore – because you exceeded Twitter API limits, and now you are in Twitter Jail . . . Twitter’s time out.  We suggest you watch your tweets, and limit to 50 to 60 tweets per hour.

10. Share your knowledge through Twitter, content marketing in
       blog posts, videos, and photos.

At least once a week share your blog posts, videos and photos, and remember it
takes time to build rapport and trust on Twitter, so don’t try to sell anything until 2K tweets and followers.

11. Add value to the conversation.

Watch the responses of others, and make a comment to create a conversation, just as in other parties there are always side conversations going on in addition to the current topic. Enjoy, Engage and Entertain.

12. Show that you believe in what you’re doing.

People love to connect with real people. Show us your personality and your passions in your tweets and @ Replies. You will be surprised at how many people are watching your actions. Give them the best you, and they will follow.

Build Relationships First updated13. Be consistent. Create multiple tweets
       for your account.

Showing up every day is vital to create the Know, Like & Trust relationship needed to invite them
to look at your site and offers. Important to note: Tweet in moderation – especially when first starting, and leave room to allow your audience
to absorb your messages.

14. Do not retweet the exact same content           in a 12-hour period.

Keep it fresh and retweet different content. Retweeting is free content, complimentary to your brand, what you are doing. I share a lot of Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, millionaire, billionaire coaches and thought leader tweets.
It shows people who I am watching, who I am connected with.

Happy Tweeting!