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Twitter Tool Box

Recently I learned about a new Twitter account management system Manage Flitter http://manageflitter.com/

It is very easy to use to flush out accounts that are not following you back, those with no profile photo, and accounts that have not posted in the past 30 days.  There are a couple of other filter options based on volume of tweets per day, but that is set at such an low number of tweets (between 1 & 5) that I would never use that feature.  I have found the quick edit option a tremendous time saver, by simply dragging your mouse across the template you will be able to Unfollow 100 accounts at a time.  There is a white list option in the works, so you will have to take care in making sure some of the celebrity accounts you want to follow, but are not following you back may be deleted.  One method to make sure you do not lose those connections is to put those accounts on a list.  You can list accounts without following.  Be aware that Twitter Follow & UnFollow limits still apply – 1000 of each per 24 hours.  Don’t land up in Twitter jail with over aggressive Following and Unfollowing.

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