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#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 6

#TwitterTips Secrets About Twitter, Part 6

There Is So Much Value in Lists

One of the ways to make a connection with a person of influence is to get that introduction. How is it done? I begin to watch that person’s stream. I let that person know that I am watching them, seeing their tweets. Then I put that person on a list, and I start re-tweeting them periodically. It lets them know subtly that ‘Gary re-tweeted me again, he re-tweeted me again, re-tweeted me again’.

What Is Another Good Use Of Lists?

If you are following celebrities, place them on lists. There is a good chance that a celebrity will not follow you back. Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, all the Hay House authors, a lot of people of that caliber typically do not follow people back. But, if you put them on a list, you do not have to follow them. They will not count against the Twitter 10% rule that you must follow.

10 PERCENT RULEWhat Is The 10% Rule?

When you first get on Twitter you can follow as many people as you want until you reach 5,000. Once you reach 5,000 people that you are following, you cannot add any more people until your Follower/Following ratio is within 10%.  If you are following 5,000, then 4,501 have to be following you back in order for you to add one more person.

How Many People Are Not Following Me?

TWITTER BIRD with garys websiteAny time you purchase a list, 1/3 of the list is outdated, and the same thing happens on Twitter, 1/3 of your followers are not active. Typically they have not tweeted in more than 30 – 60 days, or they have abandoned their account. They got on Twitter, they were overwhelmed, they never took a class, never read a book, or they never listened to an interview. To learn some of these things to de-mystify it, I suggest you flush some of those people out, especially when you have that 10% margin. Go and use the tools that are listed in my eBook. You can flush out the people who haven’t shown up, who are not following you back.

When I manage my client’s accounts, I get them targeted followers.
A lot of the heavy work needs to be done, flushing out those inactive followers, non-following accounts. Once we can get a 15 – 20% margin the other way then they can go do all the promotions. I add all the people, and then they never have to worry about adding new people. You always want to have room on your list, so when you do a promotion, and you say “follow me on Twitter”, they can follow you and you can follow them back.

Check out these services: Interested in Getting Targeted Followers? or, Flushing Out Your Followers.

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