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Are You Unique On Twitter?

Social media, especially Twitter, are great venues to connect with people locally, nationally and globally. If you go back and look at some of the interviews with the Twitter founders, they founded Twitter to be a ‘Virtual Town Square’. So, it is anything for anybody. People can come in, and they can sell their jellies, their sweaters, their rugs, they can sing a song, or talk about politics. Whatever it is, there are a lot of different things that work for a lot of different people. But, what we should talk about is differentiation. Are you unique on Twitter? What is it about you that drives you, motivates you, and helps the conversation?

For example, one of my friends, Felicia Slattery is a speech and communication coach. Felicia shares a lot of things about how to get your signature speech together and about presentations. A few years ago she had a bout with lung cancer, never smoked, and she wound up tracing it back to a gluten reaction. She started talking about her whole episode, the diagnosis, going through treatments, about gluten and looking at healthier lifestyles. So, it’s really about . . . What are you passionate about? What else makes you stand out? What makes your friends find you fascinating? Be sure to integrate what you are passionate about.

One of the other social media tools that I use allows me to see people’s different profiles. Often they just become news feeds. They have RSS feeds, but there is no personal engagement. There is no conversation.
If I look at their page to re-tweet something, there is nothing of value. There is nothing that I can grab, retweet and introduce to my audience. It is important that people come from service, helping other people. If you come from service and put that as a primary goal, you will attract more.

Over the years I have taught others how to write tweets. Keep in mind that anytime anybody reads your ‘stuff’, there are two subconscious thoughts that run through their mind, it’s either . . . “Tell me more, or so what.” When you look at other people’s social media streams, how many times are you saying, “So what!” You read . .. ‘I just posted this,
I did this, and I did that’
 … So what! It is vital to recognize that other people are looking at your stuff, because they have problems and they are looking for solutions.

So, if you write your posts in a way that answers their questions and solves their problems, they are more likely to click on your ‘stuff’ to find out what you can do for them.

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