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How To Utilize Twitter For Your Business


Hosts Robert Palmer and Caleb McElveen of Search Talk Live interview Gary on how to utilize Twitter for your business.



Topics Covered:
• How do you demystify Twitter, so you don’t panic and quit?
• Why is Twitter the best social media platform?
• How can you use Twitter, and develop conversations and connections?
• What should a business do when you first start a Twitter account?
• What are the biggest mistakes, and what is most underutilized?
• Does it make sense to have two Twitter accounts?
• How can a business find people interested in their products/service?
• What is the importance of lists?
• How important is it to stick to a specific topic related to your brand?
• How can you find what your audience is looking for?
• How can you reach local people on Twitter?
• How important is social media monitoring?
• Should you use automated messages?
• Is it worth it to invest in Twitter Ads?
• How did Gary build such a following?
And, much more!

“Every tweet is an audition” ~ #GaryLoper

“Twitter is a long-term relationship that you want to build and substantiate overtime” ~ #GaryLoper