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Welcome to Gary’s New Radio Talk Show

Welcome to Gary’s New Radio Talk Show,
on Tenacious Living Radio!


Tenacious Living Radio (TLR) station is a media platform that presents cutting edge information geared toward connecting you with tools that will support you in FINDING the courage to think outside of the box, with the courage to live life and do business in a way that works for you and comes from your truth.

Join Gary every Monday at 8 pm ET.
His first radio show starts: TBA.

His show is about Building Better Relationships. It’s all about Building Better Relationships in all the areas of your life, primarily with yourself then your partners, family, customers, prospects and community. This show is an eclectic convergence of my gifts and passions. I will be offering coaching in business and life, interviewing with experts, talking about social media and other topics.

We will be exploring topics that provide business and life skills: How to build social currency on Twitter, grow your business and build your network, relationship marketing, energize your life, build definiteness of purpose, confidence, certainty and faith, positive mental attitude, the power of your thoughts, habits and self-discipline, and master adversity, time management, goal setting and much more!

Thank you for joining me!

Stay tune. Details coming next week with link.

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