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What Does Social Media Mean To Me?

GUEST POST by Caryl Loper

What Does Social Media Mean To Me?

In conversation with my husband, Gary Loper, one of the top Social Media Gurus and a Twitter expert in his field, Gary asked me an interesting question – What Does Social Media Mean To Me?

I venture to say it is an open-ended question, rhetorical in a sense.  In a way it is an effective inquiry, because his leading question is based on his influential effect on me.  In reality, he was being quite literal – What does it mean to me?  Gary’s influence has had a tremendous impact on me, both in the Social Media realm and in the many coaching venues he has incorporated into our partnership, in our relationship building.

In regards to … What Social Media Means To Me? … The world is changing.  And with that, we must change.  Technology is offering us many opportunities to grow and expand.  With the technological advances, its hi-tech evolution, we can use its vast improvements to reach out and communicate with unlimited people, more than ever before.  In this fast pace world, scheduling, multitasking, responsibilities, progress and movement, nuclear families moving to different locations, the sociological shift, it is imperative to use other tools to create and build relationships.

bigstock_social_media_network_8029557Social Media has been an enhancement towards our lives.  Now we are able to connect across the cities, states, countries to create personal and business relationships.  Such tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to name a few, have become interactive building tools to a new wave of social connections, simply an innovative paradigm to foster relationships across our world.

Amazingly, going beyond the mundane is easily achieved.  Many of my connections have been developed with emotional awareness, the ability to tap into what may not ordinarily be examined.  Feelings and emotions are expressed, now uncovered in a genuine manner.  It is as if Social Media has given everyone permission to take the walls down, remove the veil and embrace each other in candidness, integrity and veracity.

For those that are not utilizing Social Media, they are missing the opportunity to create a broader engagement.  It is simply a way to optimize, to have effective and winning relationships, to bridge the distance.

Personally I have expanded my horizons, and developed many incredible and extraordinary relationships.  I love Social Media; it is a universal gift!

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