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What Twitter Is And Is Not

What Twitter Is . . .

Twitter Is Relationship Marketing And A Social Opportunity.

Twitter is a virtual town square, an opportunity to connect socially with others and invest time. Just as you would with any significant relationship, you develop the trust and rapport, or that ‘know, like and trust’ relationship that is more valuable to you than a simple one-time sale.

So within your community network, when you do have your products and services, you have people that are invested in you.

It may be an overused term, but when done right, social networking is the ultimate relationship marketing tool.

When you develop relationships by providing value in the ways of education, entertainment, enhancing their life without digging into their wallets, people will naturally share your messages with their audiences.

For the long run, you will have a long-term clientele. Social Media is first a SOCIAL opportunity.

What Twitter Is Not . . .

Ditch the Pitch.

Twitter is not robot marketing. It is not a quick fix, they get stuff and then they are gone. Sales pitches repel people.

How do you feel when you go to an event and someone pushes their business card, or goes into a presentation the moment you meet them?

How Is It Different From The Past?

In days gone by, a business only had to place an Ad in the yellow pages or Sunday newspaper, and they would see immediate results.

Today we are bombarded with 1000’s of messages daily on the internet, social networking sites, TV, radio and newspapers, all vying to get our attention and our money.

Twitter and all Social Media is a relationship building opportunity. It use to take just a handful of exposures before a prospect would make a buying decision. Now we are subjected to 1000s of messages a day all trying to sell something. It now takes about 20 impressions for that buying decision.

How Should You Think Of Social Media?

Think of social media as your opportunity to cultivate followers into fans, clients or referring partners.

I love that with social networking the playing field has been leveled. It has attracted even more people with a dream to create their own business to hopefully serve a need, or perhaps for many to get a buck or two.

A powerful quote from Bob Burg, “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust”. As Bob states in the
Go-Giver and Endless Referrals system, it is the golden rule of business.

I hope that you can see that in investing time, in creating relationships and providing that exceptional value that you will create an unequal advantage in your favor that people will choose to work with you over the countless others providing the same service.


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