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Breaking The Rules


Years ago I learned an excellent lesson. I broke one of my
primary coaching rules:

RULE # 1:  Never Answer An UNASKED Question.

Over time it has become clear that unless someone is asking for help only then
will they be willing to hear and accept direction and guidance. For a moment,
think of your children, family or friends when you gave them unsolicited advice
about something that would have saved them some type of pain. Even with your
well-meaning intention, what happened? Did they listen to your unsolicited advice?  Probably not.

My dilemma was another rule:

RULE # 2:  When you see someone drowning, DON’T stop and ask them if they need help.  Do Something To Help.

Coming from the mindset of being a Go-Giver, I look for opportunities to help others and add value to their life.  Usually in my coaching practice I can sense the direction of where my clients are heading, and easily guide them to ask for help.

Getting back to the scenario years ago when I learned an excellent lesson. When
I broke my 1st rule, it happened when I noticed someone I’ve known for years struggling with a situation. Better yet, I felt they were struggling. I reached out
asking if something was wrong because they did not seem to be flowing as well as
I had seen in the past.

The reaction was surprising – but, shouldn’t have been if I had remembered that
first rule. They were not open to receiving any of the console; or, perhaps they
simply needed it wrapped up prettier.

My question is – which rule would you have broken?  Drop me an email at: Gary@GaryLoper.com

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