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Yes! Energy Makes Life More Livable


There are some individuals who cannot say ‘yes’ to anything without repeatedly questioning their lives. Some have been doing it for so long that it feels unnatural not to issue a poll on even the smallest decision. As a result, what they see as slow, methodical, decision making is actually costing them opportunities and financial rewards. They will question everything before making a decision. They may eventually say ‘yes’, but at what cost. They may even lose the opportunity.

It is the exact opposite of Yes! Energy. It’s a limitation! We have all met someone like that, or we may even identify that quality in ourselves at one time or another. This constant polling results in one thing, regret. It’s the . . .  “I should have, could have, would have, if only” conversation that comes from a consistent pattern of saying ‘no’.

Do you want to live a life of regret?  Opportunities will pass you by, if you get suck in the cycle of ‘maybe’.

When you embrace your Yes! Energy, you will be surprised at how more livable life will become.  Instead of fighting the current, you start to go with the flow.  Life is an exciting journey, so start saying ‘yes!’

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