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Gary’s Entrepreneurial & Business Journey And Insights

Host, Hayut Yogev interviewed Gary on Reach Or Miss:
The Customer Focused Entrepreneur.

Some Topics That Were Discussed:

  • What Gary is most passionate about like ~ justice, inclusion and equality, and tweeting motivational quotes.
  • His best advice about approaching customers ~ listen! Remember to serve people, build trust and rapport. 
  • What was his biggest failure with a customer, and what he learned ~ There is a seed of good in every experience.
  • His biggest success due to the right customer approach ~ what happened when he over-delivered.
  • What is Gary’s most recommended tool ~ hear what he has to say.
  • His key success factor ~ his relationship with his wife, Caryl.
  • What was Gary’s mountain ~ he has climbed those metaphoric mountains, and he is constantly reinventing.

Listen below: