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The SO SOCIAL Radio Show – Building Better Relationships with Twitter


Co-hosts, Richard & Cheri Martin, Social Media Consultants and Strategists and their Expert Guests share tips and techniques to grow you and your business, and demystify social media and marketing so you can have More Fun and More Profits!

Today they interviewed Gary and covered many topics.  With Social Media events now you have an avenue where you can stay connected with people. Twitter is an amazing tool, a way to stay connected and build relationships.


  • What exactly is Twitter?
  • What is the mindset that Gary teaches people?
  • What are the relationship aspects with an online vehicle?
  • How can you impact people on Twitter?
  • How do you attract people to you?
  • What are the 4Es for effective tweeting?
  • How do you engage with people on Twitter?
  • What is Gary’s best tip about Twitter?
  • What’s the best way to use your profile?
  • How can you collaborate?
  • And, more!

Listen here.